Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playtime is over, back to business

Playtime is over and it is back to business, for me any who. Kudos to those who are still on vacation. I just got back from a long overdue vacation as I haven't taken one in years. I took a four night cruise to the Carribbean, and now I am extremely sad that my vaca is over. Check back next week as I will post photos from my vacation a long side my new creations.

But back to business, I am happy to announce that my small line "sweet collection" is slowly growing as I continue to add new items and get inspirations from my every day life. My latest creation is inspired by my recent trip and all the yummy sweets I encountered from the past week. Chocolate layer cake, sugar cookies, marble cheesecake, chocolate melting cake, and the list goes on. I am inspired to turn all of the desserts I have had come across on the cruise into an extension of my collection line. I promise you, it will be bitter sweet =]

Finally completed my Strawberry Chcoclate layer cake. This mini sweet hangs on an 18 inch silver plated chain.

Sneak peek for the up coming week
Chocolate chip cookie